Meet Anuj Jamadagni | Filmmaker

Shoutout LA | September 20, 2021

I somewhat believe in what Elon’s musk says “ we are probably living in a simulation”. Life is full of opportunities and chances. Opportunities to be happy and successful and chances to change something for the better. Once an opportunity reveals itself to you, grab it. If you have a deep will or desire for anything, you’ll attract any opportunities automatically.

Meet Anuj Jamadagni of Jpost Films in Hollywood

VoyageLA | December 3, 2020

My extensive work history in Editorial departments, Post production-houses, advertising companies as well as Independent projects has now allowed me to edit multiple commercials and viral videos for companies like RPA advertising, Republic Records, Urban Television Network, TheatreWorksUSA, Cinevative Productions, and also Tastemade.

Brass: A City Stripped Bare With COVID-19

Indie Shorts Magazine | September 22, 2020

When writer-director Anuj Jamadagni noticed Victor cleaning the streets at a stoplight, little did he know what the sight truly beheld. With curiosities piqued, he pursued the story. Victor isn’t affiliated with any cleaning agencies or the government. He isn’t on a payroll. Then why would he bother to engage in such selfless exercises? What could motivate someone to be so selfless?

“National Date League”, el corto en el que todo se vale

Imparcial | October 13, 2019

Under the direction of the Spanish Aleix Massot, with the photography of the Turkish Murat Acikel and the editing by Anuj Jamadagni, together they present their recent romantic comedy at the Oaxacan film festival, where they were invited for the first time.